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Named for her family name, Les Trois Chevaux is owned by acclaimed chef and proprietor, Angie Mar. In Chinese, ‘Mar’ represents the noble steed. When they were young, she and her two brothers were nicknamed by their beloved father and uncles “The Three Horses”.
Having fallen in love with New York over thirty years ago, Chef Mar has always been an ardent supporter of the creative forces that drive the City’s irreplaceable energy. Les Trois Chevaux highlights New York’s artisans and creatives through its design elements, artwork and of course the cuisine. Among them, Christian Siriano has designed the uniforms that are worn by the staff, and esteemed florist Raul Avila designs the weekly installations for the restaurant.
The experience of dining is one that speaks to our innermost desires. It is our fervent belief that our best memories, best friendships, great loves, and pivotal moments can be found when at a dinner table. Truly wonderful dining is not just about the cuisine and the wine. For us, what defines a remarkable dining experience is the connection that is made between those telling the story, and those experiencing it. It’s about the emotional and cerebral reaction that one has while being utterly transported by the atmosphere, the stories that are told while breaking bread and drinking wine. It has been our goal to give this experience to each and every guest by building a team that genuinely cares about our home, our vision, and ensuring that our guests are welcomed into it and showing them the world that we have created.
This approach starts from the beginning, and is embodied from our relationships with our farmers, foragers and purveyors. Our chefs are focused on the meticulous details of the finest ingredients and technique, a practice that has been cultivated from the ground up. We believe that the foundation of a wonderful restaurant experience begins with an unwavering attention to detail, and the pursuit of perfection.
For us, the act of cooking has always been one of love, passion and nourishment for the body, mind and soul. So to the art of serving is one that we take great pride and honor in. We believe that dining should reconnect you with experiences, memories, feelings and nostalgia that you may have forgotten. And, ultimately, that it should bring you to places that you never knew your soul needed to go.